how can you help?

I am gathering up the following items for use in the film. If you have anything to provide, please let me know:

*The film is being shot in High Definition 16:9, so all images provided will need to be at least 2000 pixels by 1100 pixels at a resolution of no less than 72 pixels per inch. Old film and VHS footage is being digitized at the Standard Definition 720x480px and will also be used in the film.

I have amassed over 1,000 old photographs from various legal sources including the City of Karlsruhe, alumni, yearbooks, my own photographs and military retirees' 35mm slides.

If you have something to provide, send me an E-mail. Some people have sent me large boxes, the contents of which I digitize and then send back, other have sent CDs with images, or boxes of pictures and/or 8mm films that I digitize and send back.